Learn Scottish Gaelic via Skype

Do you want to learn Scottish Gaelic? Look no further!

Ciamar a tha iad ag obair? How does it all work?

Lessons are roughly an hour in length and are tailored to the individual learner.


We will be using books such as Teach Yourself Gaelic and Colloquial Scottish Gaelic and will be drawing from a wide selection of web based resources as well.

Dè bhios sinn a' dèanamh? What do we do?

At the beginning of the course we will cover the sounds of Gaelic and the alphabet - which is smaller than most other ones. Once you have a good grasp of this we will move onto to look at the lessons within the books.


You will be asked to look over things for the next week, and later on prepare work, but we will always cover new things within the lessons - just so it is value for your money.


After 5 or 6 lessons we start to look at the language in real life situations, such as in the news or in television shows. These are hard at first, but nobody ever learned a language by memorising scripts from a book. 

A bheil i furasta? Is it simple?

As languages go Scottish Gaelic is not very difficult - everything follows set patterns and the sounds of the language are very straight forward (once mastered). Nobody is saying it will be simple, but with a little patience and a bit of effort things will start to fall into place.


Current students tend to make the biggest jump in terms of learning between lesson 4 and 5 where their pronunciation comes on leaps and bounds. This is also when the basics of the language start to stick in you head.