Learn Scottish Gaelic via Skype

Do you want to learn Scottish Gaelic? Look no further!

Beag air Bheag

A very useful BBC website designed for learners:


BBC Alba - Foghlam - Beag air Bheag

Colin and Cumberland

A fun way to learn some simple Gaelic:

An Litir bheag

A handy podcast website from the BBC:


BBC Alba - Foghlam - An Litir Bheag

Litir do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh

When you're Gaelic has improved, why not give these short listening and reading exercises a go?

BBC Naidheachdan

Fancy catching up on current affairs? Well, now you can do it through the medium of Gaelic:

Foram na Gàidhlig

Fancy a place to hang out and chat online? FnaG is the place for you:


A very handy Gaelic dictionary. However, be careful what words you pick as meaning in Gaelic are not always as straight forward as English:


Sabhal Mòr Ostaig - Stòr-Data


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Learn Gaelic

Very handy website for beginners. Check out their courses map and "Speaking Our Language" videos.

Learn Gaelic



"Phrase of the Day" is available here.


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