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Due to other commitments and work, there are currently no private classes being offered.

 Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Fàilte! Welcome! Beinvenue! Benvenuto!

Latha math duibh uile! Halò agus fàilte dhan làraich-lìn seo!

Hello and welcome to our site. Here you will find information on the courses on offer and up to date news on the latest happenings related to GaelicviaSkype.

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Carson? Why bother?

Here are just a few short reasons why you should learn Scottish Gaelic:


  • Scottish Gaelic is not a difficult language to learn - contrary to popular belief!
  • Gaelic is a living language - in 2001 almost 100,000 people in Scotland said they knew Gaelic.
  • Large numbers of Gaelic speakers also live in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • There are more job opportunities where Gaelic is required, or advantageous, than ever before.
  • Gaelic is open to everyone - whether you are 5 or 55. Education in Gaelic has taken off.

An làraich-lìn seo. This website.

If you are a current student you can log in and have a look around, check when you have lessons, chat to the user, leave comments and post feedback.

If you are not registered, join up now and you could soon be speaking to other people with a passion for Scottish Gaelic.